Emerald Staffing is a blended service!
We place Temporary, Temp To Hire and Permanent candidates.

Emerald Staffing works hand in hand with many premiere businesses in the Portland Metro area. These companies rely on our superior personnel services to provide the best staffing for their company’s hiring needs. We provide a number of valuable services to the clients we represent, including:

  • Payroll Services
  • Same Day Temporary Fill Ins
  • Candidate Pre-Qualification
  • Confidential Searches, Including Onsite Interviewing Facilities for Your Convenience

We carefully screen our job applicants through an extensive interview process, reference checking and computer software testing. Additional drug screening and background checking, is available at the client’s request.

Emerald Staffing is committed to providing our clients excellence
in quality, reliability and service

Employer Benefits

  • Availability. Emerald Staffing has a database of employees available for your immediate consideration, for any last minute needs your company may have.
  • Reduced Advertising & Interviewing Costs. Emerald Staffing pays for all your advertising costs to attract qualified candidates. Let Emerald take the time to pre-qualify applicants to provide only the best candidates for your staffing needs.
  • Eliminate Employee Expenses. We can payroll contract employees that your company may need for peak seasons and special projects, reducing your worker’s compensation and unemployment costs.
  • One Convenient Source. Emerald Staffing is a full service agency with an active database designed to help you with your temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hiring needs. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your company’s personnel needs.

When Do You Need an Employee From Emerald Staffing?

  • When you are experiencing a work overload.
  • When you need a specific skill set to complete a special project.
  • To cover for a current employee that may be out sick or on vacation.
  • When you have an immediate hiring need but no time to conduct an employee search

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