Goodbye 2014

Usually it’s not goodbye, but see you later. However, when it comes to a new year it’s okay to say farewell. December 31st gets lost among every other day of the year because everyone is ready to jump into the next; finalizing plans, trying on outfits, dealing with their anxiety that it’s already a new year. Slow down, people! Let’s give December 31st a little more credit here. Why don’t we take this precious day to reflect on the past year? What goals did you have this time last year? Are there any that are the same today? Remember the good things that happened as well. People move so fast these days they don’t even know what has happened or how they got to where they are. Why are you really looking for a new job? Maybe you’re unhappy with something else in life. Maybe there is one small, root problem that can be fixed. Find out why you are unhappy with something so you know what to look for next.

We encourage everyone to be at peace with what happened in 2014 and learn from it. Take what you can into 2015 for a fresh start. Emerald is here to help give you that extra push that you might need. Give us a call to interview with our recruiters and get a consultative look on your resume. There is a lot more that goes into a job search than you might know.

Let 2014 soak into your thoughts and veins as it replays in your head before popping that bottle of champagne at midnight. Think about it, embrace it, and move on.



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