To-Don’t Tuesday

career-advice-01So you got the job, now what?  You want to prove yourself to your new employer and show that you have what it takes to “make it work”.  There are some small “no-nos” to remember when you’re hanging out on cloud 9, especially when you’re new to the position.  Emerald’s first little “no-no”:  Recommending changes right away.

Although you’re feeling ambitious and that your ideas might improve things, you could be overstepping your new position’s duties.  Your thoughts may be right; however, it’s best to collaborate with your colleagues and ask questions on why things are done the way they are before suggesting a company face-lift.  Change is inevitable, but that does not necessarily mean it’s going to happen overnight or that you’re the superhero they’ve been waiting for.  Let your chance to share ideas and improvements come with time.


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