To-Don’t Tuesday

interviewThe Emerald Staffing recruiters interview candidates M-F/8-5… We sure do see a variety of individuals and have come across the good, bad and ugly when it comes to hosting an interview.  We want to see people improve on their interview techniques and provide helpful hints that may just help you land the job.  Emerald’s To-Don’t: Think the Interview is All About You.

This tip is more geared toward those candidates who have come into Emerald, interviewed with a recruiter and are moving forward to an interview with the client.  The interview, at least initially, is about the company’s requirements. It is considering hiring and paying you to fill a void. You must prove you can fill the employers’ particular needs – That you can remove pain, solve problems, fix customer issues, save time or money, generate more revenue, build upon profits, and/or reverse declining market share.  Yes, you will be choosing a company that fits “your” needs too, but  your primary focus is to influence them to want to know more and ultimately, extend an offer.


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