A New Year To-Don’t

new year res

It’s Tuesday, which typically means Emerald provides our interview “To-Don’t” for the week. However, seeing that it also happens to be New Year’s Eve, Emerald would like to share a different “To-Don’t”… A New Year’s one, if you would have it. Now while most of us vary on our plans for the big night, one thing we should all remember to do… Make a New Year Resolution! Even though we may not keep up with decided direction for impending year, it’s a wonderful tradition to reflect and motive oneself to attain a new goal for our life’s path. Goals are important for us to have; whether it’s exercising more, eating less sweets or reading new books, we all deserve to promise ourselves something new in our lives. Now, a resolution doesn’t have to be on the typical list – Try honestly asking yourself what is something you’ve always wanted to do and have yet to. Go bungee jumping! Learn how to snowboard! Volunteer somewhere that sparks your interest! Take a road trip to a surrounding area! Donate to a local foundation! Take a bite of the hottest pepper you can find! New Year’s resolutions can be anything you wish to make them… Have fun and live a little more this year!


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