To-Don’t Tuesday!

cos-phone-keys-0809-mdnIt’s To-Don’t Tuesday!  Here’s Emerald’s What Not-To-Do for the week: Social Medial Splurge

The interview went so well that you just couldn’t wait to spread the news. Well, you may have just tweeted yourself out of a job. Sharing deets — good or bad — about your job hunt with, oh, the entire world shows an employer that you don’t know the first thing about discretion. And don’t think for a second that they won’t scope you out online. “Hiring managers tell me it’s all but certain that they’ll Google a prospective candidate,” says Paul Powers, PhD, author of Winning Job Interviews. That means your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages are fair game. His advice: Stay mum on the job opportunity — online as well as with others in your industry — until you’re officially hired.


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