Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15th, 1929. It is every third Monday in January that there is a holiday in his recognition. President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983 but it wasn’t recognized by all 50 states until the year 2000.



Hello, working world! Today it was brought to my attention how important it is to eat healthy in order to stay focused in other areas of your life. What you eat can affect your sleeping patterns, your energy and overall wellness. It is vital that you pay attention to your body in order to be performing the best you can at work.

It can be hard if you travel for work or don’t get time for a lunch break. We’ve all been there! Skipping meals, buying fast food, taking the easy route. DON’T DO IT! It’s not worth it. I’ve created a list of tips to stay on track with such a simple thing as eating.

-Make meals ahead of time! Everyone has seen the mason jar salads on Pinterest or soup recipes to feed a large family. Make something Sunday so you won’t have to worry about it the rest of the week.

-Keep snacks on you! Trail mix in your bag, at your office, wherever you might realize you need a little pick me up.

-Eat smart. Refresh your mind on 8th grade nutrition and learn which foods will keep you full longer.

-Drink water. Drinking water is not only essential to your body at all times but it also helps curb hunger.


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Introducing the iPhone! Eight years ago today.

January 9th, 2007 Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone. Think of what you were doing in 2007 and how you handled communication. In 2007 phones were really only about communication. Now? Now they are just about everything to us. Make sure you separate what is at your fingertips literally and figuratively. 😉

Happy Friday!

It’s not quite Friday yet but we want to reward you with a treat for making it thus far! Being as it is a new year and you want to stick to that healthy resolution, I am providing a healthier option. Healthy=happy. If you want to stay happy, stay healthy and take care of yourself!



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kid_on_cell_phoneSometimes you’ll get to an interview with some time to kill before actually going in. You might be tempted to pull out your cell phone and start playing a game, check your social media or answer a phone call. DO NOT DO THIS! Once you park your car at the place of the interview, be on your best behavior. Your first impression starts with the receptionist. You don’t want to be on your cell phone and have to look down at it and stop what you’re doing when the potential employer comes to meet you.

Just sit tight and be patient. Strike up a small conversation with the receptionist to show a lighter side of your personality. Or read a magazine if they have them provided. Or do nothing! Remember, your interview starts before you even meet the interviewer. You never know who is watching you.